Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office

by RICKY SUMMERS 04/21/2019

You just moved into your new home, and you finally have room for a home office. Now it’s time to set up shop and get organized so you can maximize your productivity. Here are some pointers to get you started in home office organization. 

First, think about what you want to accomplish with your space. What will you be doing? Will you be mostly working on a computer, or working through paperwork? Do you want space for crafts, sewing, drawing, etc.? Will there be a shared family computer? Consider what you want to be able to do in your home office, as well as the furniture and supplies you will need. 


You will likely need a desk of some kind in your home office. If you’re working with a laptop and won’t need a lot of room to spread out paperwork or materials, you can look at smaller, more compact desks. If you want your desk to double as a workspace for bigger projects, consider a larger desk or even just a large table for the office.

A shelving unit will be very helpful in your home office. You’ll want space to store books, notepads, boxes, and files. Even a small shelf can do the trick, just make sure you assess what you’ll need to store so you can determine the best shelf size before you buy. 


Having a place to organize your paperwork and store pens will be a necessity in your home office. You can purchase a simple file box and files at your local office supply store. If you’re only managing personal finances and records, you will just need a small box. If you are managing personal and small business records, get two separate places to store your paperwork. Grab some little containers to save writing materials and a tray or box for storing paper in. Finally, find a basket, tray or other option for storing mail and paperwork you haven’t gone through yet, so you can make sure you don’t lose anything vital before you’ve had a chance to sort through it. 

The Little Things:

When setting up your home office space it’s easy to think of the big things, but it’s also easy to forget the little things. To keep yourself from running to the store every other day for office supplies start out by stocking your home office with a small amount of some basics. Push-pins, paperclips, stapler, staples, and staple removers. Pens, pencils, and highlighters, a ruler, tape, rubber bands, and erasers. 

Now that you have the basics you can think about the extras you want to add to your office space. Maybe a bulletin board or whiteboard, a reading chair and side table or a small bistro style table where two people can sit, or extra storage for children’s crafts and separate storage and work spaces for your small business. In a few quick steps and some small purchases, you’ll be up and running in your new home office in no time. 

When shopping around for new properties, keep an eye on those lofts, nooks, or small bedrooms that make the perfect home office, and don’t forget to tell your real estate agent what you’re looking for